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Continental Controls

Continental Controls Carburetors are fuel control products for natural gas engines and gas turbine engines. Using a CPU, these fuel valves provide a quick and efficient response to load changes. Increase efficiency and save money with a CCC!

Replacing traditional mechanical carburetors, the Continential Control Carburetor improves engine performance, regulates variable pressures and is fast becoming the most effective air fuel controller available for natural gas, propane and other alternative fuels. Click here to learn more about CCC’s (Continential Control Carburetors). TGP West, Inc. is the distributor for the San Juaquin Valley, Sacramento Valley and the Central Coast Area. Natural Gas or Propane engines retrofitted with Continental Control/Lean Burn Technology will see these advantages:

1. CC will save you money by using less fuel.

2. CC qualifies for efficiency rebates from SOCAL through “BEEP”.

3. CC will pay for itself; the engine saves money everyday it is used.

4. CC will reduce exhaust temperatures.

5. CC systems help meet SQAPD AB 4702.

6. Continental Controls Technology with 70% reduction in NOX allows for limited emission test and compliance with AMQD in your district.